Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Product Recall"

My favorite show The Office is back again with a new episode tonight called Product Recall. The folks at Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply have a crisis on their hands when a shipment of paper bearing a highly suggestive watermark is delivered to a local high school. While the office employees frantically answer complaint phone calls, Jim and Andy are appointed to straighten things out with the principle at the school (and, as you can see, Jim is thrilled to death about it). This episode also features a very funny prank with Jim and Dwight that I have to say is quite the spectacle. Very funny stuff. Can't wait to see it!

While still enjoyable, the previous episode, Safety Training, was not quite up to par with the some of rest of the season. I enjoyed it, though. It had a few cute JAM scenes (back to their old fun ways) and some great one-liners, but overall it lacked a bit of spunk and dragged in places. It did, however, have a great subplot where a few employees placed bets on the behaviors of their fellow unsuspecting coworkers. That was great. Creed's total obliviousness to the apple being replaced by a potato was highly entertaining along with everyone's bet to see how long Kelly would talk to Ryan without stopping. Pretty good stuff.

The betting also shed some light on the fact that Karen doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the gang. Whether it's because she's a little too mature and focused for them or because she just doesn't care hopefully it's at least one more step towards the downfall of Jim and Karen (Jaren). Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. ;)

Best line from Safety Training?:

Michael: I saved a life today — my own. Am I a hero? I really can’t say. But, yes.

Stay tuned for tonight's episode, Product Recall, along with the final three shows; Women's Appreciation, Beach Games, and the hour-long season finale, The Job.


PS) Special thanks to ladama23 at livejournal for the icons.

PPS) *Amendment* I actually have gone back and watched "Safety Training" a few times on iTunes and it gets better with age. I'm noticing more subtleties and finding myself laughing more. So I'm switching and saying that it was pretty good. Go BJ!

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Anonymous said...

I MISSED THE LAST EPISODE!!! I was @ an art show, so I can't complain.
What a wonderful Office blog you have lady! You have to include a quote from Michael each!
On a side note: I'm answering phone for the Operator right now..."Dunder-Mifflin, this is Sara"