Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Product Recall"

My favorite show The Office is back again with a new episode tonight called Product Recall. The folks at Dunder Mifflin Paper Supply have a crisis on their hands when a shipment of paper bearing a highly suggestive watermark is delivered to a local high school. While the office employees frantically answer complaint phone calls, Jim and Andy are appointed to straighten things out with the principle at the school (and, as you can see, Jim is thrilled to death about it). This episode also features a very funny prank with Jim and Dwight that I have to say is quite the spectacle. Very funny stuff. Can't wait to see it!

While still enjoyable, the previous episode, Safety Training, was not quite up to par with the some of rest of the season. I enjoyed it, though. It had a few cute JAM scenes (back to their old fun ways) and some great one-liners, but overall it lacked a bit of spunk and dragged in places. It did, however, have a great subplot where a few employees placed bets on the behaviors of their fellow unsuspecting coworkers. That was great. Creed's total obliviousness to the apple being replaced by a potato was highly entertaining along with everyone's bet to see how long Kelly would talk to Ryan without stopping. Pretty good stuff.

The betting also shed some light on the fact that Karen doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the gang. Whether it's because she's a little too mature and focused for them or because she just doesn't care hopefully it's at least one more step towards the downfall of Jim and Karen (Jaren). Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking. ;)

Best line from Safety Training?:

Michael: I saved a life today — my own. Am I a hero? I really can’t say. But, yes.

Stay tuned for tonight's episode, Product Recall, along with the final three shows; Women's Appreciation, Beach Games, and the hour-long season finale, The Job.


PS) Special thanks to ladama23 at livejournal for the icons.

PPS) *Amendment* I actually have gone back and watched "Safety Training" a few times on iTunes and it gets better with age. I'm noticing more subtleties and finding myself laughing more. So I'm switching and saying that it was pretty good. Go BJ!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Double Feature

So the hubs and I went to see Grindhouse this weekend here in Austin and it was a very intense experience. As many of you already know, this movie is a double feature released in the style of the old X-rated/B-movie drive-in flicks of yore. It features an exorbitant amount of blood and guts (almost too much to bare) that can make you want to vomit in your seats. I don't suggest buying concessions at this one. You won't eat them.

Having said that, these movies did provide lots of over-the-top action sequences and cleverly cheesy plot lines that make the whole experience worth while. There are also a few fake B-movie previews before each movie starts that are hilarious; such as Werewolf Women of the S.S. (Rob Zombie), Machete (R. Rodriguez), Thanksgiving (Eli Roth), and Don't (Edgar Wright). After all the gore from the first film, these little previews really help lighten the mood

The first film, Planet Terror, is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez; Texan director of Sin City and Desparado and stars Rose McGowan, Bruce Willis, and Naveen Andrews (Lost). In my opinion, Planet Terror is the lesser of the two films here. However, it does keep more in line with the whole B-movie idea. It takes place in a small town where doctors suddenly realize that their patients are rapidly becoming infected with a virus that turns everyone into sore-popping zombies who go on a killing rampage and feast on human flesh. After a horrible car wreck, go-go dancer Cherry (Rose McGowan) sports a prosthetic, machine-gun leg that her boyfriend makes for her and leads a gang of survivors out of town. This leg comes in handy for shooting zombies and saving the day. (Don't look for an explanation on how she pulls the trigger to this contraption).

This movie is fun from the second half on. The first half is so excruciatingly gory and disgusting that I really wanted to vomit. However, a lot of people seemed to think it looked so fake and campy that it didn't bother them (which maybe it did, but still...). Whatever the case, it's at least worth sitting through this film to get the Tarentino flick.

After another set of fun, fake previews you finally get the wonderfully directed Quentin Tarentino film, Death Proof, starring Kurt Russell, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, and Zoe Bell. Keeping true to his usual style, Death Proof is a revenge flick that is riddled with witty Tarentino dialogue and interesting camera angles. Apparently Tarentino built this story around a stunt woman he met on a shoot named Zoe Bell, who plays herself in the film (you'll know this New Zealander by her crazy, hood riding shenanigans). Tarentino was so blown away by how ballsy and talented this woman was that he decided to make a movie to show off her skills.

The first half of Death Proof follows a group of four young women around Austin, Texas (where it also premiered) as they go out for a night on the town. Along the way they "run into" a creepy, yet charming man named Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) who drives a very foreboding old sports car. One of the girls gets a rude awakening when he gives her a ride home in his "death proof" vehicle, to which there is a slight catch; you have to be in the driver's seat to be "death proof." The other girls do not end up having a good night either. The second half of the film takes place in Tennessee and follows four other women, two of whom happen to be stunt women. Chaos ensues when Stuntman Mike pursues these girls as they take a sports car on a stunt-filled joy ride along an old dirt road. I won't give too much away, but this movie was awesome! Filled with car chase action and "Hell Yeah" moments.

Both directors managed to make these films without the use of CGI. Instead they chose the old-fashioned method of fake blood, latex, actual car crashes, and explosions. This actually made it seem more real to me. I can always spot CGI and, in my eyes, this was much more realistic. The car chase scene in Death Proof was amazing, especially knowing that Zoe Bell did her own stunts. The blood and guts in Planet Terror seemed super real and gross to me, despite the fact that some thought it was fake and funny. I barely got through that one. It was fun, however, to see the actors cruising the streets of Austin in Death Proof and picking out local hot spots that we frequent all the time. Go Austin!!

So, if you're up for gratuitous gore and violence, I highly recommend going to see Grindhouse this weekend. If you go, though, DON'T leave after the first film. It will be well worth your time to stay and watch Death Proof. You won't regret it.

I've decided to rate this double feature with my own unique rating system: Eight toes up for Grindhouse (or eight bloody heads rolling)! Heheh. Go see it for yourselves, folks! It's great fun.


PS) By the way, my husband and I met 8 years ago today!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Safety Training"

Okay, so I know the last time I blogged it was about The Office, but I've got to do it again because today there is a new episode and nothing exciting has happened to me all week. So what else am I supposed to write about?

It's called "Safety Training" and it's premised around the fact that the warehouse guys have invited everyone from the office to attend their safety training course (namely because of Michael's foolishness). Comedy ensues from that point. I won't go into detail as I'm sure you can find these synopses anywhere.

I actually came upon a 5 page audition script for this episode about a month ago. It looks as though they've omitted the role of "Safety Trainer" and replaced him with Daryl, the warehouse guy. At least that's how it appears from the two minute preview I watched earlier. The clip I saw looked pretty funny, but the picture I've posted above is even more intriguing (notice the positioning of Jim and Pam). There are a series of these pics at you can see Karen way off to the right without her Jim. Why is Pam standing with Jim and not her? It's an interesting question that hopefully has a good answer. Although, knowing the way these pictures have come out before, it's probably a coup.

So last week on "The Negotiation" we learned that nothing much came of the Jim/Roy fight. In fact, Roy never even laid a finger on Jim as Dwight was there to save the day with his can of mace (luckily it wasn't the Chinese throwing star). The tear-faced Dwight talking head was hilarious and the awkward chat between Jim and Pam was a bit sad, but not hopeless. After all, the episode ended with Pam and Roy officially and amicably parting ways.

On that note, you have to love the writers of this show for keeping it real. The Office is not a drama, after all, and they always write what you don't expect in a very funny way. They could have made Roy a real asshole, but they ended up giving him some substantial, redeeming qualities.

They also hinted at a few of Karen's less desirable traits. One trait was shown with her complete lack of interest in Jim's dilemma with Dwight. Jim asked Karen how he could remedy the situation with Dwight, to which she replied, "Um, I don't know. Why don't you go make some more sales, so we can go on a trip." It doesn't seem as though she's being self-centered on purpose, but there have been hints here and there (if you pay attention) that there might be a bit of a possessive or controlling streak in her. Who knows? I've been a fan of the down-to-earth Karen even though I don't want her with Jim, but lately she's showing some colors I'm not too fond of. I'm interested to see how this plays out. Is this the beginning of the end for 'Jaren'?

So what will happen this week? Will Pammy stick to her guns and be a little more bold, as she had said she would be? Will Jim and Karen's relationship escalate or deflate? Will Dwight and Angela be found out? I'm sure it will take the rest of the season for these questions to be answered, but until then...this girl will be glued to the TV set.

Thanks, Office, for making Thursdays awesome again.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's Back! It's Really Back!

The Office returns tonight after a six week hiatus with an all new episode entitled, "The Negotiation". In this episode it appears as though Roy will undoubtedly make good on his promise to "kill Jim Halpert" (or at least make an attempt f*ck him up pretty royally. Hehe). I, unfortunately, came upon a video spoiler that I wish I hadn't seen, which kind of clued one in as to how that fight would end up (which actually matched one of my theories). Oh well, I'm still super stoked to find out how it all unfolds.

Like I said before, I am a HUGE Office fanatic. It's beyond an obsession at this point. I spend an embarrassingly large portion of my day researching the episodes and chatting with other Office freaks online. It's just such a fun show. I have never seen someone NOT laugh or smile while watching it. It's hard to explain to people who haven't seen it or have only seen it a couple of times how wonderful the show is. Once you watch about four episodes in chronological order you're hooked for life...and in an oddly wonderful way at that. I used to be hooked on Friends when it was still in syndication, but it was never quite like this (nor was it as clever a show).

Office fans are unlike any other fans. This thing is becoming a phenomenon. In fact, my mom just sent me an email that said nothing but, "Eight hours and thirty-three minutes!". We love it and all of us Office fans have been waiting for what seems like AGES to see the conclusion of this who Jim/Roy (Joy) fiasco. I don't know how we're going to make it through the summer. :(

So, for all you Office fans, tonight's episode is at an earlier time (8pm/7pm central) and is super-sized. So we'll have an extra ten minutes of bliss. I can't freakin' wait!! WoooHooo!


PS) BJ Novak (who plays Ryan on The Office) was on Conan last night and he was devilishly adorable, as usual. He also proved my theory that this year's Cadberry Eggs ARE, in fact, smaller than ever before. He even brought one in from last year (as he is so in love with the creme filled wonders that he stocks up and freezes them for year-round goodness) and compared it to this years' to prove it. I knew I wasn't just getting bigger!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Groovy Tuesday

So it's Tuesday. Nothing much going on around here at the ole office except for the fact that while my boss was out I decided to make a phone call to my friend that resulted in my boss coming back and catching me. Well, I don't think she minded, but it's still an awkward thing.

My neurosis has not let me come to terms with that yet. I keep reliving it; trying to determine my boss's reaction. Oh well. Let it lie, CayceAquaSheep. Let it lie.

Anyhow, I feel very mentally active today. I'm tired with allergies and such, but my mind is going strong. God, what a boring blog this is. Oh well, no one reads this anyway. So I will ramble. (Why is it that every time I use the word 'ramble' the song "Ramblin' Man" comes into my head?).

My parents came to visit this last weekend. That was nice. They're a sweet bunch. They took me and my husband out to eat and took me shopping. My mom, unfortunately, came down with a respiratory infection while she was here and I pray that I didn't catch it. I'm feeling a little coughy today and asthmatic. Yuck. I hope this is just allergies (knock on wood for me...and for my mom, too). Anyways, I feel for her. Sounds aweful.

Anyhoo, sorry this blog was NOT very kickass (as promised by my sidebars), but I felt it needed an update. Have a lovely evening, folks!


PS) BTW...Check out my new sidebar feature, 'Kickass Videos', featuring clips from The Office, The Beatles, Conan O'Brien, The Who, SNL, and much more!