Monday, June 11, 2007

Eliza Needs a Home

So with The Office on its summer hiatus I've decided to make a return to random posting. What is this blog about, you ask?

Well, folks, I've fallen in love. Her name is Eliza and she's managed to tug or paw at my heart strings. This adorable little lady is an eleven-year-old chihuahua who has lived a long, hard life of abuse and neglect. She was rescued by Safe Haven Animal Rescue in Round Rock, Texas (just outside of Austin).

Eliza was so mistreated that it caused her teeth to become infected and rot, which was causing her a great deal of pain and suffering.

Thanks to all of you who saw her story online or responded to my email and donated, Eliza has had her surgery and has fully recovered! They had to pull 19 teeth (poor thing), but they say she is feeling so much better.

Now Eliza just needs a home. She would make a wonderfully loving pet. She's been responding well to her house training. So that's something you wouldn't have to worry about. They said they didn't expect much from Eliza since she was so mistreated, but she surprised them. After being rescued she began to perk up and even tried to play a bit, but it's still a little rough for her. She loves to spend the majority of her time cuddled up in people's laps. Such a sweetheart.

Because she was abused in the past, Eliza is still a little hand shy and doesn't like sudden movements. Since she was outside all her life and wasn't properly fed, she has developed a skin disorder that has caused her to lose a bit of hair here and there. However, this condition is fully curable once she's been on a healthy diet for a period of time. Because she is missing so many teeth and because of her age and malnutrition, Eliza will need to eat soft, premium dog food for the rest of her years. Since she is still hand shy and timid, she also needs to be in a home without children and would prefer to be the only dog.

Eliza would be a wonderfully blessing to any household and I'm sure she would be thankful to you for the rest of her life. Since she is a senior, though, it may be harder for her to find a home. I would so much love to adopt her myself, but my own little senior chihuahua at home is in a similar situation of being frail and needing to be the only dog.

If you're looking for a loving little dog that you can spoil to your heart's content, Eliza is your lady. Please help us to find her a loving home. She deserves some happiness.

Here is a link to her page at Safe Haven:

If you have questions or would like to adopt Eliza or donate to her cause, contact Cindy at

Please help this little lady out. She'll be glad you did.

Thank you,