Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Job to Remember

As we approached the end of season three, my views on prime time television began to take a bit of a cynical turn. Somewhere around "Phyllis' Wedding" I began to lose hope for Jim and Pam. (Yes, again, I'm one of those). When Pam left with Roy and Jim held up his phone with a smile in support of Karen's singing, my heart sank a little. Every show after that left me a little more heartbroken than the previous one.

Until "Women's Appreciation."

Something about that episode turned my spirits around. Pam was showing signs of growth and determination. I knew something was going to give soon, but I was still trying to reason with myself; saying, "Okay. So this is a good sign, but don't expect them to get together. They'll throw us for a loop. They need ratings." So I resigned myself to be satisfied with Jim and Pam simply rekindling their friendship and tried my hardest not to expect more.

Thank God I was wrong.

(Now I know this review is a little late, but I got caught up in my actual life there for a while. Sue me).

So let's get to it:

"The Job" (Aired May 17, 2007 at 8pm/7pm Central)

There were two "jobs" in question for this episode. One job was to replace Jan in the New York office. The other, of course, was to replace Jan's old "chesticles" with her new ones. Jan's boob job, if you will.

Oh Jan, will reason ever find you? (Sigh).

The cast warned us that something "big" would happen to Jan and Michael and to take that literally. A boob job never entered my mind. My mouth actually dropped when they zoomed in on her her breasts. I was speechless. It was quite the spectacle. Very funny, though.

It was fun to see so much of Jan in the episode (pun intended). I love watching her go ballistic. What a dynamic character. I vote for more Jan every week. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Jan/Michael story line here. The look on Michael's face when Jan gets excited about putting on sweat pants and waiting for him to get home from work everyday was uproarious (thank you, Thesaurus).

Creed Thoughts? Yes.

Best line of the show:

Creed: I find it offensive. Au naturelle, baby. That’s how I like ‘em. Swing low, sweet chariots.

Jim's new haircut? Well, I do love the classic "flippy-outties", as I call them (I like the shag), but this is nice, too. Very dapper. They were improving that wig every week, but I'm glad to see it gone. One point for JKras.

Dwight's short reign as Regional Manager was a delight to witness.

Schrute bucks,

Stanley Nickels,

So much whimsy in one office.

And Pam! Pam was completely admirable in this episode. She carried herself with dignity and class; generating good karma with her positive attitude and high hopes for Jim's happiness, whether or not that included her. Pam came into her own this year and that alone would have made this episode (and season) completely worth while.

Now for the really good stuff.

I don't even have words. Okay, it was FANTASTIC! When they went to commercial break after this scene I literally sobbed on the couch like a little girl. (Very reminiscent of the way Dwight cried in Michael's office). I'm glad no one else was home to witness it.

Take a look at this sequence of events. (This is where I dork out on you):

"Don't let them change you."

"She's nuts."

"Dunder Mifflin. This is Grace."

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

"I haven’t heard anything. But I bet Jim got the job."

"Um, are you free for dinner tonight?"

"I'm sorry. What was the question?"

OH! And who could forget this?

"We're done."

Best Episode Ever.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"The Job"

So it's finally here; the season finale to the third season of The Office. It's been a long year for Dunder-Mifflin and a lot has transpired. Let's recap, shall we?

At the beginning of the season we learned that Pam broke off her engagement to Roy ..... (Okay, this could get insanely long and detailed. Let me simplify):

Pam breaks off her engagement to Roy, but does not act on her feelings for Jim.
Jim leaves Scranton to work for the Stamford branch and makes a fresh start.
Oscar is outed by Michael and takes a long 'gaycation' from Dunder-Mifflin.
Roy pines for Pam.
Pam pines for Jim.
Jim pines for Pam, but is distracted by his cute coworker, Karen.
Dwight tries to steal Michael's job (and fails).
"Toby" kills a bird.
The Stamford branch closes.
Jim and Karen become an item.
Stamford joins Scranton.
Pam meets Karen.
Michael gets dumped by Carol.
Michael goes to Jamaica with Jan.
Michael and Jan become an item.
Andy sabotages Dwight.
Dwight resigns and goes to work for Staples.
Michael convinces Dwight to return.
Andy goes to anger management.
Oscar 'Returns' to DunderMifflin.
Karen learns Jim still has feelings for Pam.
They talk it out (much to Jim's dismay).
Ben Franklin hits on Pam.
Phyllis marries Bob Vance; Vance Refrigeration.
Pam, hurt by the sight of Jim and Karen, gets back together with Roy.
No one comes to Pam's art show (well, almost no one).
Ryan gets sent to the annex with Kelly after dissing DM in front of Michael.
Pam tells Roy about her kiss with Jim on Casino Night.
Roy freaks out.
Pam dumps Roy.
Roy tries to "kill" Jim, but is pepper sprayed by Dwight.
Roy is fired and apologizes to Jim and Pam.
Jim is uncomfortable and keeps his distance from Pam.
Andy returns from anger management and is shunned by Dwight.
Michael almost jumps off the roof pretending to kill himself.
Dunder Mifflin faces the crisis of "the water mark".
Phyllis is flashed.
Michael breaks up with Jan via voicemail.
Michael gets an opportunity for a promotion.
Everyone vies for Michael's job at the beach.
Pam walks on hot coals (who ever thought THAT would happen?).
Pam gains courage and confesses her feelings and frustrations to Jim ("I really miss you").

So there you have it, folks. Keeping it simple still takes a while as 22 episodes are not an easy thing to scale down. The question is, 'What will happen next?'


This weeks episode is called "The Job" and should be the climax of the season (that's what she said). Here's the synopsis by NBC:

The office is still buzzing from the events of their day at the beach. A job opening in Corporate pits coworker against coworker as Michael , Jim, and Karen all head to New York for final interviews. In Scranton, Dwight's new regime institutes sweeping reforms, Pam plays an interesting role, and Jan comes in with exciting news.

The cast keep saying something "big" happens with Jan and Michael and that we should take that literally. (Whatever that means). I also can't wait to hear Jim's reaction to Pam's confession. I know they filmed two separate endings to the finale involving Jim/Pam/Karen. So let's hope for the best, but expect the worst.


This season has gotten consistently better for the last few months. Each show seems to top the previous one. Last week's "Beach Games" was no exception.

Hilarity ensued as Michael put the employees through his 'Survivor'-like beach games. The Sumo suits were absolutely hysterical. The way Jim waddled in his suit was beyond words and the image of poor Andy Bernard floating away in the water was just too damn funny (and kind of sad).

The highlight, of course, was Pam's speech. Pam has done a lot of growing this year and after doing the coal walk she finally mustered up the courage to speak her mind. She said everything I have been wanting her to say all year and even confronted everyone about not coming to her art show. Then she told Jim how she felt.

Besides the fact that the speech was extremely well written, it was also brilliantly delivered by Jenna Fischer. Jenna deserves many snaps for her performance in this episode. She brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh at the same time. John Krasinski's performance was noteworthy, as well. People often overlook the art of listening, but he did a stand up job (sitting down).

The speech itself was perfect. It wasn't whiny or sappy. It was just very truthful and dignified. In fact, the speech was so well done that even if Jim and Pam do not reunite by the end of the season, I will be satisfied based on Pam's speech alone. Go Pam! Go Jenna! Go writers!

"Beach Games" was just wonderful all the way around. Here are my favorite quotes:

Stanley: I would rather work for an upturned broom with a bucket for a head than work for someone else in the office besides myself. Game on.

Andy floats away in his sumo suit.
Angela: I don't understand what you want from me?
Andy: Angela, it's pretty simple. Look at what I'm doing and go tell somebody it!
Angela: Sorry. Bye, Andy!

Pam: I shouldn't have been with Roy. And there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding, but the truth is I didn't care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you're with someone else...

Man, I just watched that scene again and my heart just pounds every time. I get so nervous for her. That's a testament to a great show, right there.

Here's to hoping for a great season finale! Remember it's an hour long and starts EARLY (7pm Central/8pm Eastern).


PS) Special thanks to 'memento_icons' and 'lavitaestbella' at LiveJournal for the wonderful icons.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Beach Games"

With only two episodes remaining in the season this week's episode of The Office promises not only fun and games, but also a very "telling" declaration by Pam Beesley. The episode is called "Beach Games" and I believe it will be a climactic episode that will lead us into next week's finale.

Here is the description released by NBC:

Michael is being considered for a position in corporate and has to recommend his replacement, but while the group expects a fun outing at Lake Scranton, Michael has planned a day of “Survivor”-like competitions to find his successor. Meanwhile, Pam is not asked to join in any of the activities and is forced to watch Jim and Karen have fun together.

Keeping that in mind, in case you haven't seen the promo, Pam apparently confesses something to Jim (or so NBC will have us believe). Of course, all of us Jammers are hoping for some great Jam action, but I'm not so sure if professing her love for Jim in front of the entire office, including his girlfriend, would be such a good move for Pam. For one thing I don't think she would be so heartless as to embarrass Karen that way unless perhaps Karen does something to offend Pam in this episode prior to Pam spilling the beans. Also, if she proclaimed her love in such a public, revealing way Jim would almost have no choice but to respond negatively in order to protect both himself and Karen.

So it's my theory that Pam will indeed say something very important; finally taking a stand (as part of her whole growth process and "being honest" thing), but I don't think it will be quite what we expect as these writers are so great at "keeping it real." By that I mean that we as an audience are so used to watching TV with formulaic plot lines geared toward pleasing the audience itself that, often times, what we least expect from a TV show is what someone might actually do (or not do) in real life.

That true-to-life quality of this show (with the exception of a few quirks here and there) is what makes The Office so captivating. It's surprising how much the reality of this little series can make us feel so uncomfortable and awkward while still managing to pull at our heart strings and make us laugh. In the case of The Office, art definitely imitates life.

That being said, the more I watch last week's episode, "Women's Appreciation," the more I'm convinced it's one of the best of the season. Phyllis' reaction to the flasher was hilarious and Creed's unsympathetic response, "The guy was just hanging brain. I mean, what’s all the fuss?", was classic!

A lot happened in that episode. Phyllis was flashed. Pam drew up a sketch of the flasher (which was basically Dwight with a mustache and no glasses [Andy totally figured out right away. How adorable has he been lately?]). Michael took the ladies to the mall, bought them all panties from Victoria's Secret, and broke up with Jan. The guys discovered an oasis in the women's bathroom. Jim found Pam's sketched prank on Dwight "pretty cool", and Pam saved the ladies by changing their flat tire. So all in all; a great episode.

Best Lines:

Michael: Cons. Wears too much makeup. Breasts — not anything to write home about. Insecure about body. I’m unhappy when I’m with her. Flat-chested.
Pam: What was the last one?
Michael: She’s totally flat. Shrunken chesticles.


Michael: Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool. ‘Cause they are un-understandable.

So now I can't WAIT to find out what happens on these last two shows. I'm doing everything in my power not to read any spoilers this time around. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW (until the show airs, of course).

So stay tuned for another super-sized episode this week and the one hour season finale next week! I'm sure they will be 'the best episodes ever! Whooo!'


PS) *Special thanks to klotera at LiveJournal for the beautiful icons.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"Women's Appreciation"

So this week's episode of The Office is called "Women's Appreciation" and promises to be an elbow nugder (Monty Python, anyone?). This is another episode of whom's script I happened upon finding a month ago (well, a large chunk of it). From what I read, it sounds hilarious (and has a few subtle jabs from a couple of characters that shall remain nameless). For all you Meredith fans out there, I know she's finally got a small scene in this one, as well. So it should be a very interesting episode indeed.

Here's the premise released by NBC:

"Outrage breaks out in the office after Phyllis gets an unexpected eyeful from a flasher. Michael makes some important personal decisions when he takes the women on a special outing. Meanwhile, Dwight and Andy work on catching the predator."

So this "special outing" Michael takes the ladies on is to Scranton's Steamtown Mall. The highlight? Victoria's Secret. You got it, folks.

I have been waiting for this episode for months. I first heard about it from the ladies at who got to visit the set this past February. Bobby Ray Shafer (Bob Vance; Vance refrigeration) acted as their tour guide and drove them to the studeo in his gold '69 Cadillac where they got to run free on the set (see this link for the story and pictures He later drove them to the mall where they saw the ladies of "The Office" wrapping up a scene from this week's episode! How awesome is that?! (Why can't I be that lucky)?

So anyhow, it looks like it should be a great show.

Last week's "Product Recall" was, perhaps, one of the best shows of the season. I laughed all the way through it. The show opened with Jim entering the office dressed head-to-toe in Dwight attire. He sat in front of Dwight and did a spot on Dwight impersonation, which was a brilliant scene. They managed to top that, however, when (at the very end of the episode) Dwight turns the tables on Jim ! I admit I was thrown for a loop when Dwight walked into the office dressed in a savvy suite. At first I was thinking, "Oh wow. Dwight looks really nice. No glasses. Wait...Why is Dwight dressed so nice? What's going on?!" Then it dawned on me, "HE'S JIM!" Oh man...that was probably one of Rainn Wilson's finest moments. When Dwight tries to make the "Jim" face and ends up looking like he's got a bad case of diarrhea instead? I LOST IT! I literally laughed for about a half hour after the show. It was great to see the show back in full swing after a less-than-wonderful episode from the previous week. Good times. (Oh, and here's the watermark, in case you missed it:)

So, Dunderheads, look out for this week's SUPERSIZED episode at a different time; Thursday from 7:36-8:19pm, central standard time. I'm so stoked!

Let's do this!


PS) Be sure to write down the phone number on the wanted poster from this episode and CALL IT! You won't be disappointed.

PSS) Oh! I almost forgot that Mindy Kaling (Kelly) mentioned filming this episode briefly in this blog titled, "Forever 21" (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page).

Crazy Day

Some days at the office (my real one) are better than others. There was a big meeting scheduled today in our conference room for all the big wigs coming into town (including the vice president of the company). Ten of them flew out here on the company's private jet (I can't believe I work for a company that has a private jet. Wowsers.) and were supposed to be in by 1pm.

Well, yesterday, about an hour before time to leave, our boss called and said he needed ten binders (filled with certain papers and dividers) labeled and ready for the meeting today (information we could have used days ago). So the admin scrambled to find supplies and the papers he needed and we (especially she) worked diligently to put these things together on time for the meeting today. She ended up staying an hour after it was time to leave. She had to get up extra early this morning to go to two different Office Depots to pick up more supplies. Today worked like a madman until finally finishing them up at 11:30am while I tackled the job of making sure all the offices were in tip top shape (that meant moving boxes under desks, organizing papers into boxes and files, moving chairs into the conference room, cleaning the kitchen, etc) and finished a little earlier than the admin (her task was much more detailed and tedious).

So THEN we get a call from the boss saying that they're running late and won't have time to have the meeting here AT ALL. So the admin had to drive out to our construction site with the folders she'd made PLUS the $150 worth of food from Jason's Deli we'd ordered. So besides the fact that she now had even more to do, the fact that we got the place looking pristine meant nothing. Now we're extremely exhausted; especially the admin.

I have a new found respect for administrative assistants today. They do so much work for their companies and I believe they cannot receive enough praise to equal their level of dedication. So, give your admin a special thank you today. She/He deserves it more than you probably know.


PS) We DO happen to have a wonderful boss here, though. Stand up guy. Things just don't always go as planned.