Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Crazy Day

Some days at the office (my real one) are better than others. There was a big meeting scheduled today in our conference room for all the big wigs coming into town (including the vice president of the company). Ten of them flew out here on the company's private jet (I can't believe I work for a company that has a private jet. Wowsers.) and were supposed to be in by 1pm.

Well, yesterday, about an hour before time to leave, our boss called and said he needed ten binders (filled with certain papers and dividers) labeled and ready for the meeting today (information we could have used days ago). So the admin scrambled to find supplies and the papers he needed and we (especially she) worked diligently to put these things together on time for the meeting today. She ended up staying an hour after it was time to leave. She had to get up extra early this morning to go to two different Office Depots to pick up more supplies. Today worked like a madman until finally finishing them up at 11:30am while I tackled the job of making sure all the offices were in tip top shape (that meant moving boxes under desks, organizing papers into boxes and files, moving chairs into the conference room, cleaning the kitchen, etc) and finished a little earlier than the admin (her task was much more detailed and tedious).

So THEN we get a call from the boss saying that they're running late and won't have time to have the meeting here AT ALL. So the admin had to drive out to our construction site with the folders she'd made PLUS the $150 worth of food from Jason's Deli we'd ordered. So besides the fact that she now had even more to do, the fact that we got the place looking pristine meant nothing. Now we're extremely exhausted; especially the admin.

I have a new found respect for administrative assistants today. They do so much work for their companies and I believe they cannot receive enough praise to equal their level of dedication. So, give your admin a special thank you today. She/He deserves it more than you probably know.


PS) We DO happen to have a wonderful boss here, though. Stand up guy. Things just don't always go as planned.

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