Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Groovy Tuesday

So it's Tuesday. Nothing much going on around here at the ole office except for the fact that while my boss was out I decided to make a phone call to my friend that resulted in my boss coming back and catching me. Well, I don't think she minded, but it's still an awkward thing.

My neurosis has not let me come to terms with that yet. I keep reliving it; trying to determine my boss's reaction. Oh well. Let it lie, CayceAquaSheep. Let it lie.

Anyhow, I feel very mentally active today. I'm tired with allergies and such, but my mind is going strong. God, what a boring blog this is. Oh well, no one reads this anyway. So I will ramble. (Why is it that every time I use the word 'ramble' the song "Ramblin' Man" comes into my head?).

My parents came to visit this last weekend. That was nice. They're a sweet bunch. They took me and my husband out to eat and took me shopping. My mom, unfortunately, came down with a respiratory infection while she was here and I pray that I didn't catch it. I'm feeling a little coughy today and asthmatic. Yuck. I hope this is just allergies (knock on wood for me...and for my mom, too). Anyways, I feel for her. Sounds aweful.

Anyhoo, sorry this blog was NOT very kickass (as promised by my sidebars), but I felt it needed an update. Have a lovely evening, folks!


PS) BTW...Check out my new sidebar feature, 'Kickass Videos', featuring clips from The Office, The Beatles, Conan O'Brien, The Who, SNL, and much more!

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