Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues (Literally)

What is it about Mondays? I used to silently scoff at people who said they had a case of the 'Monday Blues' when I was in college. You somehow think you're immune to having to work in a corporate environment at that age. You think, "Well, that happens to a lot of people, but it won't happen to me. I won't let it. Damn the Man," and all that jazz, but you soon find yourself working an 8-5 job, Monday through Fridays and those 'Monday Blues' take on a whole new meaning.

They don't tend to last all day for me, though, which is a good thing. They come and go (Karma Chameleon), but it never fails that at some point every Monday I get a case of the blues. I tend to be very fragile and anti-social. Not the best feeling.

So last Monday I channelled all that awkward emotion into a little computer painting that I'm actually quite proud of. I think it really depicts the mood I was in. It's called Night Time Blues. Since it gets compressed on this site you can't see all the detail in the bottom right corner. It's kind of jumbled and small. The real one is much larger.
Here it is:

I have quite a few of these little computer paintings. I love making them. They're all done on the Microsoft Paint program. I just feel like I need a constant creative outlet in order to feel worthwhile or productive. I'll be showcasing a series of them on a future MySpace blog entitled "Little Musings: Part 2", or something to that affect, where you'll be able to see this one in it's full scale glory (Heheh).

In the meantime, I suppose I better paint a new one. My blues are much less dark today. Just a little melancholy. God, I sound so whiny. I'm really not trying to throw a pity party here. I hate that. I'm just bloggin'.

So I'll tell a little joke to lighten the mood. I'm sure you've all heard this one:

Question: Why does Snoop Dog need an umbrella?

Answer: Fa Drizzle!

It's much more poignant when spoken with a little Snoop Dog accent. It's old school, I know, but's Monday.


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