Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dunder Mifflin Infinity Review Extravaganza!

"That is what Ryan is like; a fake brother who steals your jeans."

That about sums up this episode. So much fun to be had.

So I know I'm almost a week late with this review, but Dunder Mifflin Infinity (DMI) deserves a good blogging. I enjoyed this episode so much. It seemed like old times, but with a new twist.
It was hilarious and much more fast-paced than the previous week's Fun Run.

Before I say anything else, I just need to say...

I WAS RIGHT!!! Okay...well, I was mostly right. Ryan DID hit on Pam, but there was no jealous Jim.

However, I do believe this picture of Jim is reaction footage of that scene that they didn't end up using for the final cut (same shirt and everything). There's a look of weariness and tension in Jim's expression here that just told me he was watching Pam be hit on. Ryan seemed the most obvious choice for predator in my brain. I just went a little more 'soap opera' on it than The Office writers did (thank God).

I did love Jim's proud line, "Well, I guess he can't have ANY girl he wants." Too adorable. Could I be more smitten with Jam? I don't think so.

Okay, on to Dwangela! I felt so much pity for Dwight in this episode, but in a funny, sympathetic way. Very enjoyable, but also painful. Ah, the conundrums of The Office. He tries so hard to win Angela back by offering her Garbage, the feral cat, but Angela will have no part of it. "I don't want Garbage. I want Sprinkles." Too funny.

Dwight had some very sad/funny lines in this episode. When he and Michael are trying to win back that second client and it's not going well, Dwight says, "That's not gonna change his mind. He's moving on. We had our chance and we killed it." (Poor Sprinkles).

Then later in the car with Michael he says, "That's how it goes sometimes, you know? You lose everything and everything falls apart and eventually you die and no one remembers you." My heart sinks every time I hear those lines, but I still laugh. What a strange feeling. I love it.

That lake scene? I don't remember laughing so hard during an episode. The whole thing had me in hysterics. Dwight composes himself quickly and yells, "Exit the window!" Michael's expression as he unlocks the back door (for the camera-man) is too funny for words.

Some people online had issues with the reality of that scene, but not me. I can totally see Michael doing something like that; blindly following the navigator (he was trying to take Ryan's advice and trust technology, after all). It was as though Michael kept expecting some drawbridge to magically appear or something. Dwight yells, "It can't mean that. There's a lake there!" Holy goodness, that was awesome.

(Did you notice that as the car starts sinking into the lake the little navigator says, "Turn around, if possible"?) Hilarious.

Jam was outed a lot sooner than I expected, but I loved Michael's embarrassing blessing.

Andy and Kevin seemed to have formed a friendship. Kevin even called Jim "Tuna" when they were in the break room. I also loved that Jim was not phased by Ryan's position like Andy and Kevin were. Jim rules. He knows pomposity when he sees it and he has never been motivated to gain power or status. I love that about him.

Ryan was loads of fun to watch, too. It was exciting to see him as Michael's boss. There's a deleted scene where Ryan makes Michael fetch him a bottled water in the middle of a meeting. Jim thinks it was rather harsh, but Ryan replies with, "I spent three years, driving around, getting him yams and magic wands. He can get me water." Sweet revenge. Right on. But then you do feel bad for Michael at the same time.

Jan was great! I think she'll be puppeteering Michael this season a bit from behind the scenes. Someone mentioned that they thought season 4 is going to be centered around the theme of relationships and I believe that will be the case, as well. There are too many relationship dynamics going on right now to just ignore. I love that the writers are not afraid to address what's right in front of them. We've got Jam, Dwangela, Kryan, and Jan-Michael (there's no good mesch name for them)...and...a possible Andy-Angela-Dwight triangle? I'm so rooting for Dwangela to get back together, but I think it may take all season. It will certainly be interesting.

Well, that about wraps this up. Don't forget to tune in for this week's episode "Launch Party" Thursday night at 9/8 central for another hour-long episode!

You know I like to leave these on a high note...and I am a mushy romantic. you go:


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