Friday, September 28, 2007

Fun Run Review & Entertainment Weekly

Call me a girly girl, but I cannot stop glowing over last night's Office premier titled, "Fun Run." On the Jam scale, I give it an eleven. It deserves that extra number on the volume dial. Eleven, indeed.

First off, I'll say that the episode was good even without the Jam aspects and I'll dive into that later. For now, though, it's all about the Jam. I'm sorry. That's just the way I feel. I've got to get this out and then I can move on.

I love how they were adorably and naively trying to hide their relationship from the documentary crew. How long did they expect that to last? Heheh. I also love the paparazzi-like way they were busted. I wanted to giddily cry like a little girl again when Jim snuck into Pam's car and kissed her, but I wasn't alone this time and had to simply let out a girlish, "Awwwww," followed by an ear-to-ear grin that never came off my face through the entire episode.

Here is that squee moment:

I am so impressed that the writers are brave enough to let Jim and Pam finally get together and be happy (and man, were they happy). They (like me) were glowing and smiling the whole way through. And the hand holding? It was so damn sweet that I thought my heart might just imploded in on itself.

Jenna Fisher says that Jim and Pam are in a "courtship" and I'm sure they will experience a few small ups and downs that generally come along with new relationships and I can't wait to see them progress. Like Jenna Fisher says, I think Jim and Pam represent the idea of true love and if any TV couple can keep you interested and invested without having to do the "break up/get back together" dance a thousand times, it's Jim and Pam. I am SO HAPPY to see them happy. Bravo, Office writers.

Okay, now I can move on. Phyllis's quilt? Did you catch that? It was hilarious. She had sewn on the faces of a raccoon, a bat, and something else to honor Meredith's rabies. Awesome. Andy's nipple chafing was a little gross, but funny nonetheless. I love it when he ducked behind Kevin to alleviate wind resistance.

And Dwight killed Sprinkles! How could he? Well, you could kind of see it from both sides; although I side with Angela on this one. Dwight is a very black-and-white thinker. If something is not working he fixes it and moves on. He thought he was fixing her cat problem, but he was not. Poor Angela. I think Angela will hold this grudge for quite some time AND, I suspect that the love triangle Jenna mentioned will NOT be a Jim/Pam/Someone Else thing. I think it will be a Dwight-Angela-Andy situation. I think, during Angela's resentment towards Dwight, Andy will swoop in and "lay on the charm." Mark my words.

Having said that, I may back off of my initial idea that Ryan will hit on Pam; leaving Jim a little jealous. That may happen, but if it does I think it will be a one-time thing. Maybe, but you never know...

I loved Jan snapping at Pam for allegedly trying to see Michael naked. I need more Jan. She's such a dynamic character. I can't wait to see her unravel even more.

Oh yes, and the male nurse at the hospital deserves a good mention. His line got the loudest laugh of the night from me. "Oh, so that's where her uterus went." It wouldn't have been all that funny, but he gave the camera a look like 'I made a joke' and then he realized no one thought it was funny and got awkward and shy. That was hilarious to me. Way to milk that small part, Male Nurse. Awesome job.

Michael's "carbo-load" was ridiculously good, as usual. Carbo loads are supposed to be done the night BEFORE a big workout. Not right before. When he burps and says, "Fettuccine Alfredo." Uuuggghkkkk! Disgusting. Hehehe.

Toby won! (But nobody cared). Poor Toby.

Great episode and terrific season opener. My only complaint is that I'd like to see more scenes that are actually in the office. It is called The Office, after all. The outside excursions are great fun, but I'm excited for more awkward office scenes. I think Ryan will be upset about the 'Fun Run'. We'll find out next week, I suppose.

Until are some pictures from next week's edition of Entertainments Weekly.

There will be four covers to choose from: Jim and Pam, Angela and Dwight, Michael and Jan, and Kelly and Ryan. I plan on buying two of each; one of each to keep whole and one of each to frame.

Oh, and here is a link to an ADORABLE interview of Jenna Fisher and John Krasinski. They have so much chemistry even off the show. So wonderful. You will love this 3 minute video. Check it out right here. (But you have to click on the image of Jenna Fisher on the phone over to the right. Or you can just watch Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey, but...I highly recommend the Jenna/John).

God, I love this show. I can't express it in words, but my love just continues to grow and grow. I'm on cloud nine. I cannot wait to see what season 4 has in store (that rhymed).



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