Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Job to Remember

As we approached the end of season three, my views on prime time television began to take a bit of a cynical turn. Somewhere around "Phyllis' Wedding" I began to lose hope for Jim and Pam. (Yes, again, I'm one of those). When Pam left with Roy and Jim held up his phone with a smile in support of Karen's singing, my heart sank a little. Every show after that left me a little more heartbroken than the previous one.

Until "Women's Appreciation."

Something about that episode turned my spirits around. Pam was showing signs of growth and determination. I knew something was going to give soon, but I was still trying to reason with myself; saying, "Okay. So this is a good sign, but don't expect them to get together. They'll throw us for a loop. They need ratings." So I resigned myself to be satisfied with Jim and Pam simply rekindling their friendship and tried my hardest not to expect more.

Thank God I was wrong.

(Now I know this review is a little late, but I got caught up in my actual life there for a while. Sue me).

So let's get to it:

"The Job" (Aired May 17, 2007 at 8pm/7pm Central)

There were two "jobs" in question for this episode. One job was to replace Jan in the New York office. The other, of course, was to replace Jan's old "chesticles" with her new ones. Jan's boob job, if you will.

Oh Jan, will reason ever find you? (Sigh).

The cast warned us that something "big" would happen to Jan and Michael and to take that literally. A boob job never entered my mind. My mouth actually dropped when they zoomed in on her her breasts. I was speechless. It was quite the spectacle. Very funny, though.

It was fun to see so much of Jan in the episode (pun intended). I love watching her go ballistic. What a dynamic character. I vote for more Jan every week. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Jan/Michael story line here. The look on Michael's face when Jan gets excited about putting on sweat pants and waiting for him to get home from work everyday was uproarious (thank you, Thesaurus).

Creed Thoughts? Yes.

Best line of the show:

Creed: I find it offensive. Au naturelle, baby. That’s how I like ‘em. Swing low, sweet chariots.

Jim's new haircut? Well, I do love the classic "flippy-outties", as I call them (I like the shag), but this is nice, too. Very dapper. They were improving that wig every week, but I'm glad to see it gone. One point for JKras.

Dwight's short reign as Regional Manager was a delight to witness.

Schrute bucks,

Stanley Nickels,

So much whimsy in one office.

And Pam! Pam was completely admirable in this episode. She carried herself with dignity and class; generating good karma with her positive attitude and high hopes for Jim's happiness, whether or not that included her. Pam came into her own this year and that alone would have made this episode (and season) completely worth while.

Now for the really good stuff.

I don't even have words. Okay, it was FANTASTIC! When they went to commercial break after this scene I literally sobbed on the couch like a little girl. (Very reminiscent of the way Dwight cried in Michael's office). I'm glad no one else was home to witness it.

Take a look at this sequence of events. (This is where I dork out on you):

"Don't let them change you."

"She's nuts."

"Dunder Mifflin. This is Grace."

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

"I haven’t heard anything. But I bet Jim got the job."

"Um, are you free for dinner tonight?"

"I'm sorry. What was the question?"

OH! And who could forget this?

"We're done."

Best Episode Ever.



Rob said...

C - very well done! Look forward to your next post!

r shattuck

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great job.

It's nice to know you cried like a little girl, too. I think we were both still crying when I called you right after the show.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!. Here in New Zealand we get an office episode like 6-8 months after you. So its a great way to see whats coming up.By the way has someone ever told you look a lot like Kari Byron from the mythbusters.


An office Fan

Anonymous said...

Hi its the office fan again and no I'm not stalking I'm a 12 year old boy whos an only child and has nothing better to do. To prove that the show is extremely late here, last night I just watched the episode "Show me the money". By the way I just want to tell you not to stop you blog because I think it's fantastic and it looks like you'veput a lot of effort into it and it would a shame if you stopped it. Looking foward to your next post

Cayce said...

Thanks, Anonymous from New Zealand! Glad you enjoy the blog. Sad to say I haven't posted to it in a couple months, but I have been thinking about it. It's very time consuming because I'm a perfectionist, but I'll try to keep them coming. :) Thanks again for reading it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cayce, I just watched this office episode last night, I forgot what it was called but it was the episode where Micheal invites Jam and Pam and Angela and Andy to his house. I never expected anything like that on the office. I mean Jan getting angry and throwing a dundie at the TV and the cops showing up.Gosh was that unexepected. Dwight showing up with the old lady was the funnies part of the episode. Long story short that episode was the most akward episode ever.The thing is I can't find your review for this episode on your blog.Maybe I missed it, I don't know.I'm sorry this is a bit long for a comment isn't it.Sorry again if some of this comment doesn't make sense I'm in a rush.

King Regards Chantha

P.S You need to update you blog. I've been looking forward to your next post for some time now.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Missy Brooke said...

That was a really funny and well written blog! Keep em' coming!

Anonymous said...

I genuinely love this blog it's a great place to reminisce on the good old days when Micheal didn't have his own paper company. It will always be my no 1 show. I have one question. Why don't you update it weekly anymore?

Cayce said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I had to take a break there for a while because my job starting taking up more of my time. I have recently started entertaining the notion of getting back into writing this blog more often. I've been working on a come-back blog for a week or so. Hope to post it soon.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, especially how well composed it is. I have to admit, I was slightly dissapointed when your blog started to thin out towards the end. It's a shame you no longer do you in-depth reviews anymore, but from what I read on the comments log I guess it's justicfiable. Anyway I just wanted to say it's a very great blog and I hope you regain you motivation to bring this blog to what it once was.

Anonymous said...

The end justifies the means.